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Chemical Groups contain phthalate

  di-n-Octylphthalate   Phthalate ionophore I   Monobenzyl phthalate-d4   Decyl isooctyl phthalate  
  Diethyl m-phthalate   Dihexadecyl phthalate   Dibutoxyethyl phthalate   Dimethyl phthalate (DMP)  
  Monoheptyl Phthalate   Diisoheptyl phthalate   Dibutyl phthalate (DBP)   Dipropargyl isophthalate  
  di-n-Hexyl phthalate   Calcium terephthalate   di-tert-Butyl phthalate   Lead 5-nitroterephthalate  
  Dioctyl isophthalate   di-n-Propyl phthalate   di-n-Nonyl phthalate-d4   Potassium phthalate (2:1)  
  di-Isoamyl phthalate   Diphenyl isophthalate   Diisooctyl isophthalate   Calcium dichlorophthalate  
  Monomethyl phthalate   Potassium biphthalate   di-n-Decyl phthalate-d4   Mono-n-nonyl phthalate d4  
  Diethyl isophthalate   Dibenzyl phthalate-d4   Diisotridecyl phthalate   Sodium isooctyl phthalate  
  Cobalt terephthalate   Dipropargyl phthalate   Diisodecyl phthalate-d4   di-(D-Glucitol) phthalate  
  di-n-Butyl-phthalate   di-Isooctyl phthalate   Monomethyl phthalate-d4   Mono-n-hexyl phthalate d4  
  Dimethyl m-phthalate   Diethyl terephthalate   Diisononyl phthalate-d4   Diethyl phthalate, Pharma  
  Monopentyl phthalate   Hypromellose phthalate   di-Sodium terephthalate   Dimethyl 3-nitrophthalate  
  Diisodecyl phthalate   Sodium decyl phthalate   Mono-methyl phthalate-d4   Dimethyl 4-nitrophthalate  
  Ditridecyl phthalate   di-sec-Octyl phthalate   Isooctyl nonyl phthalate   Sodium isobutyl phthalate  
  Diisononyl phthalate   Diisophentyl phthalate   Decyl isononyl phthalate   Dimethyl 4-bromophthalate  
  Diisopentylphthalate   Monoethyl phthalate-d4   di-n-Octyl terephthalate   di-(Butoxyethyl)phthalate  
  Diisohexyl phthalate   Benzyl butyl phthalate   Zinc 5-nitroisophthalate   n-Octyl-n-decyl phthalate  
  Monobenzyl phthalate   Monooctyl phthalate-d4   di-n-Heptyl phthalate-d4   Dimethyl 3-bromophthalate  
  Diallylterephthalate   di-Potassium phthalate   bis-(Tridecyl) phthalate   Dimethyl glycol phthalate  
  Diisobutyl phthalate   Diammonium o-phthalate   Decyl hydrogen phthalate   Polybutyleneterephthalate  
  di-n-Nonyl phthalate   Diphenyl terephthalate   Isononyl octyl phthalate   Sodium hydrogen phthalate  
  Diallyl isophthalate   Dilithium isophthalate   Diisobutyl terephthalate   Dimethyl 4-aminophthalate  
  Dibutyl isophthalate   Lead phthalate dibasic   Dimethyl 4-iodophthalate   Dipropargyl terephthalate  
  Iron phthalate (2:3)   di-iso-Nonyl phthalate   Isodecyl octyl phthalate   Sodium tridecyl phthalate  
  Monopropyl phthalate   Isophthalate copolymer   di-n-Butyl phthalate-14C   Methyl 5-iodoisophthalate  
  Diisopropyl phthalate   Butyl benzyl phthalate   Isononyl nonyl phthalate   Dimethyl 3-aminophthalate  
  Dimethallyl phthalate   Dimethyl terephthalate   Diisopentyl phthalate-d4   Isooctyl benzyl phthalate  
  Butyl octyl phthalate   Dibenzyl terephthalate   Butyl isodecyl phthalate   Mono-n-decyl phthalate d4  
  Dioctadecyl phthalate   Diisoundecyl phthalate   Hexyl isooctyl phthalate   Dimethallyl terephthalate  
  Hexyl octyl phthalate   di-iso-Butyl phthalate   Tetrabromophthalate diol   Calcium phthalate hydrate  
  Lithium terephthalate   Dicyclohexyl phthalate   Isodecyl nonyl phthalate   4-Nitro-dimethylphthalate  
  Phthalate substitutes   Benzyl octyl phthalate   Dimethoxyethyl phthalate   Methyl hydrogen phthalate  
  Dibutyl terephthalate   Monobutyl phthalate-d4   Monomethyl terephthalate   Dimethyl 4-fluorophthalate  
  Decyl nonyl phthalate   Sodium nonyl phthalate   Ethyl isobutyl phthalate   Diallyl hexahydrophthalate  
  Dimethyl isophthalate   Butyl-n-decyl phthalate   Diglycidyl terephthalate   Dibutyl hexahydrophthalate  
  Polydiallyl phthalate   Decyl undecyl phthalate   Butyl isobutyl phthalate   Aniline hydrogen phthalate  
  Butyl nonyl phthalate   Nonyl undecyl phthalate   Monocyclohexyl phthalate   Diethyl 4-hydroxyphthalate  
  di-n-Heptyl phthalate   Monomethyl isophthalate   n-Butyl benzyl phthalate   Benzyl butyl terephthalate  
  Decyl hexyl phthalate   Diallyl phthalate (DAP)   Hexyl isodecyl phthalate   Butyl cyclohexyl phthalate  
  Dimethyl-d6 phthalate   Methyl glycol phthalate   Octyl hydrogen phthalate   Polyethylene terephthalate  

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