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Chemical Groups contain barium

  Barium acrylate   Barium dibutyrate   Barium dipropionate   Barium dihexacosanoate  
  Barium selenide   Barium iron oxide   Barium nonan-1-oate   Barium oxide anhydrous  
  Barium benzoate   Barium antimonide   Barium chloranilate   Barium ferrite, powder  
  Barium chloride   Barium hexaboride   Barium diethanolate   Barium bis(thioborate)  
  Barium rosinate   Barium antimonate   Barium ethylsulfate   Barium nitrate, powder  
  Barium stearate   Barium divalerate   Barium isodecanoate   Barium mercuric iodide  
  Barium selenate   Tribarium citrate   Barium isopropoxide   Barium fluorophosphate  
  Barium chromate   Barium dithionate   Barium carbonate-13C   Barium chromate, Reag.  
  Barium silicide   Barium perchlorate   Silicon-barium alloy   Barium oxalate 99.999%  
  Barium arsenide   Barium-130 isotope   Ethyl barium sulfate   Barium nitrate hydrate  
  Barium peroxide   Barium thiocyanate   Barium niobium oxide   Barium sulfate, Pharma  
  Barium stannate   Barium-137 isotope   Barium diricinoleate   Barium chlorate, Reag.  
  Barium sebacate   Barium diphenolate   Barium silicon oxide   Barium fluoride 99.99%  
  Barium vanadate   Barium phosphinate   Tribarium diarsenate   Barium sulfate, natural  
  Barium phosphite   Barium-136 isotope   Barium metaphosphate   Barium isobutyl maleate  
  Barium telluride   Barium dipalmitate   Dibarium diphosphate   Barium molybdenum oxide  
  Barium aluminate   Selanylidenebarium   Barium tert-Butoxide   Barium iodide 2-hydrate  
  Barium hydroxide   Barium ionophore I   Barium didocosanoate   Barium pentyl phosphate  
  Barium molybdate   Barium-135 isotope   Barium maleate (1:2)   Barium isooctadecanoate  
  Barium octanoate   Barium thiosulfate   Barium aluminum oxide   Barium lanthanum iodide  
  Barium periodate   Barium boron oxide   Tribarium diphosphide   Phytic acid barium salt  
  Barium sulfamate   Barium-134 isotope   Barium nitrate, Reag.   Barium iodate 1-hydrate  
  Barium zirconate   Barium naphthenate   Barium tetracosanoate   Barium isohexadecanoate  
  Barium cinnamate   Barium dilinoleate   Barium sodium niobate   Barium bromide, 99.998%  
  Barium tungstate   Barium trisilicide   Barium tungsten oxide   Barium peroxide, powder  
  Barium acetylide   Barium-132 isotope   Barium di-D-gluconate   Barium citrate tribasic  
  [Barium(II) thd]   Barium rhodizonate   Barium nonylphenolate   Barium iodide anhydrous  
  Barium succinate   Barium-138 isotope   Barium tantalum oxide   Barium 2-ethylhexanoate  
  Barium tantalate   Barium isooctanoate   Barium tert-decanoate   Barium oxide, granulous  
  Barium manganate   Barium permanganate   Barium iodide hydrate   Barium bromide 2-hydrate  
  Barium chemicals   Barium diicosanoate   Barium silicofluoride   Barium hydroxide hydrate  
  Barium phthalate   Barium undecylenate   Barium heptadecanoate   Barium strontium niobate  
  Barium myristate   Barium disalicylate   Barium titanium oxide   Barium carbonate, powder  
  Barium dilactate   Barium titanate(IV)   Barium isoundecanoate   Barium antimony tartrate  
  Barium carbonate   Tribarium dinitride   Barium pentadecanoate   Barium lanthanum sulfide  
  Barium phosphate   Barium isononanoate   Barium hypophosphite   Stearic acid barium salt  
  Barium dichromate   Barium(2+) selenate   Barium acetate, Reag.   Barium dimethylhexanoate  
  Barium disilicate   Barium methacrylate   Barium zirconium oxide   Maleic acid, barium salt  
  Barium propionate   Barium neodecanoate   Barium phenolsulfonate   Barium chloride fluoride  
  Barium metaborate   Barium selenate(VI)   Barium germanium oxide   Barium phosphate dibasic  

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